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What are you waiting for? The Corps are the only ones brave or stupid, if you believe some citizens enough and skilled enough to stray outside to fight them, but even they tend to have tragically short lifespans. A cyborg monster hunter whose missing body parts were destroyed by occult creatures, Chalk makes quite an impression for a character who was only 'on screen' for a handful of panels. Traction is good on dirt and grass, but beware on gravel.

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They handle all cases suspected to involve Ghouls, investigating them and sending out Ghoul Investigators to actually handle killing the targets. Granted, considering that said undead juggernaut is Solomon Grundy, it's justified in that A Lethal force is usually the only way to stop him, and B he has Resurrective Immortality , so whenever his is "killed", he'll just come back next Monday, meaning even lethal force isn't really lethal for him.

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