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Inform all of your health care providers about your medical history including any treatments, surgeries, medications, allergies or medical conditions. If you have a medical condition, are getting a certain treatment or are taking medications--educate yourself in these matters. If you have an allergic reaction, call your health care provider, or if life threatening, call for emergency assistance which in most areas is


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The patient's surroundings should be kept clean. Before leaving the pharmacy check the medication label to see that it is written to you and it's the same name and strength as written on the prescription. If you cannot afford your medications talk with your health care provider as he or she may recommend a less expensive medicine or may have free samples. Keep the floor clear of clutter.

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First see your own health care provider for a prescription. However, many doctors now use electronic prescribing so your prescription may be sent to the pharmacy through a secure Internet connection. If it looks different than what you took before, talk with your pharmacist before taking it.

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