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Apps lds. LDS Church invites public to Jordan River Temple open house

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Wilson, executive director of the Church's temple department. The concept of "eternal marriages" is reinforced by mirrors on each end of the sealing rooms, in which couples often look and see repeating reflections, representing the eternal nature of their union.

Members and non-members of the Church are invited inside

This anonymity may not be saved, broadcast, rewritten, or brought. Mar 12.

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Copyright Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. Temples are constructed, renovated and maintained through tithing money paid by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Inside, members of the Church make promises to God that they will keep His commandments. Members will notice artwork depicting women of various ethnicities in attitudes of worship and prayer, a sight rarely seen in LDS temples.


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Inside, members of the Church make promises to God that they will keep His commandments. A beautiful bridal room is now featured, where women who are getting married can prepare for their ceremony, or "sealing," a ritual that takes place in one of 16 sealing rooms. LDS faithful believe marriages performed in temples is binding on earth and in heaven.

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The Book of Mormon is a sacred text held by LDS faithful that is comparable to the Bible, and Mormons believe it was discovered and translated from an ancient tongue by the Church's founder and Prophet, Joseph Smith. The temple also kept its cafeteria, also rare in newer temples. That money is used for various purposes, including temple-building and maintenance. The statue of Moroni is rarely depicted holding the plates, according to Elder Larry Y.

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