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Cancer & Leo // Compatibility

Are cancers and leos a good match. LEO AND CANCER COMPATIBILITY

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Cancer is ruled by the Moon, representing emotions and feminine energy. Leo is a possessive lover and can turn to be overly protective in a relationship. Meanwhile, Leo offers a strong, dynamic and protective force which can shelter and look after Cancer, which in turn pleases the Homemaker. There are intriguing signs that Leo and Cancer compatibility can work well as a love affair too, provided both partners give a little understanding to the other.

Leo-Cancer Compatibility

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These are extremely proud individuals who thrive on the idea of inspiring others. Leo, on the other hand, loves to shake things up and embraces the unexpected and the novel. They will value each other deeply, but might have some intrinsic differences of opinion that need to be handled carefully by the duo, so as to avoid frequent conflicts in the relationship. This fire and water combination makes for a steamy sexual connection and a lot of mutual attraction.

Leo and Cancer Nature and Nuances

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In this relationship, Cancer is the one pulling the emotional strings, even though Leo comes across as a more dominant personality, so when the Cancer partner is unhappy the couple can run into trouble. It seems that this couple can give each other what they really want.

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Leo strives with an ardent energy toward praise and appreciation, while Cancer yearns more for security and stability. Overall, however, Leo and Cancer compatibility works much better in real life than on paper.

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