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David Greenwalt joined mid-season as co-executive producer and wrote one episode for his only season on the series. The good news is we're gonna bring you up for another episode this week. Carter felt it would be "more interesting for Mulder's next contact to be a woman", noting that he "wanted there to be some suspicion about whether Mulder would become involved with her romantically.

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When the Syndicate suspect that one of their members is passing information to Mulder and Scully, they organize a canary trap to find the leak, using information about the safety of Mulder's mother as bait. Those clusters were not randomly chosen. Morgan told Carter that the two of them would rejoin, but only for four episodes, and only if they could use members from the cast of Space:

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Call me a Ravenclaw with a dash of Slytherin. This is one of the big problems with pop culture ideas of personality, from a scientific standpoint. Morgan told Carter that the two of them would rejoin, but only for four episodes, and only if they could use members from the cast of Space:

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