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Controlling behavior definition. Controlling Behaviors

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This makes it almost impossible to address the appropriateness of what is wanted, yet the pressure is still felt. Even when this discrepancy is noticed, it can still be hard not to follow the norm. They try to isolate you If someone wants to control you then they will want to control you right down to your very thoughts. It is hard to bring any grievance to a person using black and white thinking, because the implications of the problem are painted in such exaggerated terms, and the black and white thinker uses this to style him- or herself a victim because they are being asked to accept something 'so outrageous.

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The perpetrator usually gets a reprieve "to prove he means it" and the backsliding begins immediately. It is natural and instinctive to pay attention to someone that is talking. Regardless of whether the motives here are that the person is controlling, if anyone tries to take your confidence away from you then this is a bad and destructive relationship and you should end it.

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Self-punisher's threat Eat the food I cooked for you or I'll hurt myself. It is an ad hominem attack that implies the speaker is incoherent, or a dis-organized thinker. The demand is harder to resist because of the 'true' atmosphere. Often, instead of plainly disagreeing, a person will say they don't understand the speaker.


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