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This is because she feels more attractive when ever she acts non-sexual toward men and feels unattractive when she is behaving too sexually or promiscuous. However, for me is important to get sex out of the way to see if we are sexually compatible. Oh well, who gives a fuck.


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These men will trade something else than sex in for having sex with a woman. Cougars never want relationships, just sex Once again Western culture and media rears its ugly head. Which leads me to my next myth which is… 3.

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These men will trade something else than sex in for having sex with a woman. I fucked her the way I wanted to fuck her, with long strokes. Jerking it and then sucking it made me fall in love with her wicked ways.

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So, now that I had my fun and Mrs. Complement her age by saying stuff: But most cougars I spent time with either directly or indirectly angled for exclusivity at one point or another. That pussy was ready already.

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