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James in particular has cross dressed way more than Jessie has as he dressed himself up as a schoolgirl, a ballerina, and even went as far as buying fake breasts and entering into a beauty pageant with them, which caused an episode of the series to get banned because of him. This characteristic died down as the series progressed.

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While originally The Bully and disgusted at the other protagonists, Ryousuke is presented quite sympathetically due to his back story and poor home life. Tropes about other character's responses: Some have gone so far as to say that there is nothing funnier to a British audience than a man dressed up like a woman. This makes him a rare example of an involuntary Gender Bender who actually wants to dress as their new sex but is prevented by their circumstances, with the added irony that for much of the year he's only crossdressing when everyone thinks he isn't.

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Free pictures and videos at TransexList Similarly, Unplanned Crossdressing technically involves crossdressing, but it's unintentional on the character's part. Women disguise themselves as men.

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