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Lucasfilms] Nothing like a little adventure to get pulses racing. Given that and the title of this third instalment, it seems fair to assume this one will have a lunar setting. Expect a more global focus, more earthquakes, and perhaps some more shirking of responsibility from The Rock's character. Dwayne Johnson is also producing this one, which has backing from 20th Century Fox.

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Dwayne Johnson and his frequent producer Beau Flynn are both attached. You do the math. Groundhog Day [Photo:

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It now has a release date too, of April 20th Joe series is in the cards.

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Most of the supporting cast are believed to be returning too, but scriptwriter Carlton Cuse will not. Alpha Squad Seven is believed to have franchise potential of course it does, The Rock is in it , and Mr Johnson will star alongside someone else at the heart of the film.

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