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For example, the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court defines enforced disappearance as a crime against humanity , and the practice is specifically addressed by the OAS 's Inter-American Convention on Forced Disappearance of Persons. Copies of a report by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which linked senior Belarusian officials to the cases of disappearances, were confiscated. History of the legal development and international jurisprudence[ edit ] General background[ edit ] The evocation of the crime of forced disappearance begins with the history of the rights in the declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, formulated on August 26, in France by the authorities that came out of the French Revolution , where it was already stated in Articles 7 and

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Meiya Pico, a security and surveillance company, has won 11 bids in the last six months alone from local Xinjiang jurisdictions. Other detention camps include those of Garaje Azopardo and Orletti, to name just a few. Officials say the security is needed now more than ever because Uighur militants have been fighting alongside Islamic extremists in Syria.

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They say they heard from reliable sources in China — but cannot prove — that he died in detention. It is estimated that young children and infants were given to families with close ties to the military to be raised. It gives victims' families the right to seek reparations, and to demand the truth about the disappearance of their loved ones.

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Disappearances continued up to the late s, but thereafter dropped off sharply with the decline in violence in According to a declassified cable, an estimate by the Argentine st Intelligence Battalion in mid-July which started counting victims in produced a figure of 22, persons killed or "disappeared"—this document was first published by John Dinges in Report of the UN — [ edit ] Since the establishment of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights CHR in , the crime of enforced disappearance has proved to be a global problem, affecting many countries on five continents, and it is the subject of a special follow-up by the HRC which regularly publishes reports on its complaint and situation, as well as the response and action of the governments concerned. Although the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus KGB had them under constant surveillance, the official investigation announced that the case could not be solved.

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