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When infidelity occurs it is usually a red flag that professional and skilled help is needed in order to heal and repair the relationship. This is a hugely valuable decision for couples trying to get past the trauma of betrayal, or simply trying to learn how to communicate with each other in a more effective way. During this time, therefore, updating your Love Map is quite essential. Making thoughtful decisions of what to buy as a consumer

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How are you handling the stress that has a negative impact on your relationship? Care for Yourself Take part in activities that will help you restore your health and balance to both your body and mind independently and together with your spouse.

Recognize Your Stressors

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There are so many parallels between dating and job search. Do you want to reduce stress in your relationship? Look for the social groups that the two of you can take part in that share your general interests and values like organizations, community, clubs, or charities.

Get Your Love Maps Updated

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Listen attentively to the responses of your partner. During this time, therefore, updating your Love Map is quite essential. Is it possible to patch things up before there is a glaring betrayal? The stronger your resilience, the better you will manage your stress.

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