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Video about emotionally unstable men:

How To Handle A Damaged Woman (or man)

Emotionally unstable men. 9 Warning Signs Someone is an Emotionally Unstable Person!

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Then you can avoid these types. They do all these things to feel good even for only a short period of time. Additionally, they have a hard time figuring out what they want, thus they find themselves in trouble when they are required to make decisions.

Emotional Instability

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And the emotional range of such people can be astonishing, from gloomy and depressing to excitable and fun, from moany to joyful, kind to spiteful. Such relationships often end when someone realizes they are spending most of their time placating and soothing the other person. There are emotions that make us feel good, and emotions that make us feel bad, but they can all lead to destruction if they are left unmanaged, no matter what side of the spectrum you feel. Of course, such people will not only lose their temper with you but may try to make you lose your temper with them.

How They Make You Feel

Ask your registry for a choice. They could ctrl back and again between being there and being erasable.

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For example, your new partner may be possessive and jealous, flying into a rage when you mention ex-partners, interrogating you when you arrive home late, checking your text messages when you are not in the room, and so on. This makes people fragile and easily triggered as their wound is sensitive, and even the most harmless events can be a trigger for their emotional explosion.

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To his amazement she falls silent, fixes him with a stony stare and then become enraged. On their third date, they sit in the taxi laughing and flirting, arrive at the restaurant early, eat their meal, go for a drink in a nearby bar and seem to be enjoying themselves when he makes some remark or joke that backfires. Take a chance, you never know.

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