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Also, try repeatedly pressing the area like you repeatedly pressing a button. So just finger your G Spot as you normally would and then place your other hand atop your mons pubis, which is just above your pubic bone [ 5 ], as in the illustration above. Below your clit, using just one finger, you will be able to feel fleshy folds of skin on either side of your vagina. Stroke, Stroke, Stroke Stroking your finger along the wall of your vagina is easy.

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So aim to last in the sack for at least half an hour, including foreplay. Start in one spot and then simply drag your finger in a stroking motion. Many people default to the in-and-out motion because it mimics sex, but this can be irritating rather than pleasurable. Again, the G Spot and A Spot are two very pleasurable areas to focus on, but as I am constantly repeating, experiment and find what is best for you.

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