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Harmed even more by the move to automobile traffic were the electric interurban railways that had grown rapidly just prior to the First World War. In contrast, the labor force participation rates, or fraction of the population aged 14 and over that was in the labor force, declined during the twenties from Technological innovations in plants and animals also raised productivity.

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The discovery of new fields in the early twenties increased the supply of petroleum and led to falling prices as production capacity grew. Sloan, who had seen the problems at GM but had been unable to convince Durant to make changes, began reorganizing the management of the company. By the thirties, crude petroleum dominated the real value of the production of energy materials. The control of the supply of rail cars was turned over to the Association of American Railroads.

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One was the rapidly expanding aggregate demand during the prosperous twenties. These things make the s a period of considerable importance independent of what happened in the s. The FBN team goes to work everyday to ensure American farmers stay profitable while they feed the world.


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Urban families have tended to have fewer children than rural families because urban children do not augment family incomes through their work as unpaid workers as rural children do. As Figure 14 shows, the production of crude petroleum increased sharply between and , while real petroleum prices, though highly variable, tended to decline. These trends can be seen in the data in Table 3. Similar reductions were found in the production of coke from coal for iron and steel production and in the use of coal by the steam railroad engines.

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Sharp price breaks occurred several times during the boom, and each of these gave rise to dark predictions of the end of the bull market and speculation. From to , the consumer price index fell Transportation The American economy was forever altered by the dramatic changes in transportation after

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