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Mariah Carey - I Don't Wanna Cry

Female love ballads. Torch song

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Unlike other female singers of her generation she has had a successful pop career whilst holding on to and promoting family values. Based on a true story , this song has been covered by many female musicians, including Neko Case.

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As a result true western ballads of murder—except those about such famous outlaws as Jesse James, Cole Younger, Sam Bass, and their ilk—have been entirely lost, or are known only to the children of those who knew and sang them. Not only does she devote herself to her music but to the public. Basically every woman in her songs would have been well-justified in doing away with the gentlemen they were involved with.

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She should sing with her real voice not lip sync. Fell madly in love with this song of fragility, and I still love it very much. Her videos drive me wild she is so hot!

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Take a bow has been named by many organizations as one of the best ballads ever. Being a badass feminist, it IS weird that I love an entire collection of music where the majority of tunes are about men killing women or visiting horrific violence upon them. Selena was and always will be, the Queen of Tejano. His label was reluctant to release the song in the U.

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