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If monogamy is categorized by not having sex with everyone, then non-monogamy must be about having sex with everyone, right? Conventional relationship ideals may claim this is ludicrous, but think of the structure of a family.

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Especially in modern society where traditional dating rituals are quickly being deemed old-fashioned and uncool, and people are more inclined to just go with the flow. That being said, what if a couple could do things besides sex together, or with the consent of their partner, openly? As do monogamous relationships, non-monogamous relationships require mutual trust and respect, while cheating undermines trust, respect and consent. When there are more than two, it gets a lot more complicated.

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This can be, but is not always the case. Which brings me to my next myth… Myth 5: First, non-monogamy is not kink in and of itself.

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