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Frontier natural products co op. Frontier Natural Products Co-op(TM)

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The company manufactures products, sources agricultural products from around the world, and distributes the products of other companies. It added a variety of uncommon herbs and spices and developed a network of supplier contacts.

History of Frontier Natural Products Co-Op

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He was replaced on an interim basis by Tony Bedard, who had been with Frontier since Then, late in the year, Hughes secured approval from the Frontier Board to establish a subsidiary, Frontier Natural Brands, to break into the mass market with a line of organic products under the Simply Organic label, including culinary spices and add-meat dinnertime pastas, and aroma therapy oils, lotions, and shampoos under the Aura Cacia brand. As a result of its responsiveness to customer needs, Frontier quickly developed a reputation as an excellent supplier, leading to even more business.

Relationship to CGN

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It added a variety of uncommon herbs and spices and developed a network of supplier contacts. While Rick was a student at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, they belonged to an area food cooperative, where Colleen worked on a volunteer basis. It offers herbs, including herbal baths, herbal teas, dried flowers, clay masks, beeswax, health food and supplements, and related accessories; spices and seasonings, such as grilling seasonings, seasoning blends, gourmet peppers, pepper fusions, gourmet salt, cooking utensils, and fair trade spices; and black, oolong, green, white, herbal, and fair trade teas, as well as related accessories.

Key Executives for Frontier Natural Products Co-op Inc.

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