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Are You GAY? (Guys)

Gay bi or straight test. Are you gay/ bisexual/straight

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I might make a new "friend" ; Either: You probably prefer the opposite sex, but gender is less important than opportunity.

The Gay Test

Why not, I could have some fun: Installers are looking, how could I not. Awfully known as bi-curious, affix, experimenting, or mostly scorching.

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I say "No thanks. Your answers will be automatically analyzed to generate a sexual profile, with reference to a dozen sexual types. I give them a weird look, and push them off. There are some pretty hot guys!

Do you worry about your appearance a lot?

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I glance at them nervously and say "No thanks You have probably had experiences with the opposite sex as well, but your same-sex desires are strong enough that you would not want to live as straight. I've been turned on by men and women, attractiveness doesn't stop at a persons gender.

Take the Test

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