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For a straight guy he takes it pretty good. It seems that these two have unfinished business that needs to be resolved.

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Sincere so many of you gay footfetish asking for another Program and Gag jolly, we finally knew. It was how a flashing between Preclude and Jack as to who could courier his own peral cocksucker gay footfetish the best. Broadcast TJ took to Punk rock singles.

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Alexandre and Sean Preston start the fuckfest taking turns on each others rod. TJs hole is up next and proves that he can take it like a man. At the end of the scene his face is swollen and his eyes are from all the crying.

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He takes him down on the floor and makes Rocks mouth his peral cock pocket. As our Satyr men give these guys a hoarse throat, our straight guy TJ being gets himself all cozy on our tire swing in the back, waiting for his hole to be put to the test. Since TJ came to L.


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A loud moan explodes out of Rocks throat. We pinned a sign on TJs butt as he walked out the door that read - Closed for Repairs. This is a must see moment!

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Lube and ass juices are pouring out of Rock as the black cock monster refuses to stop or even slow down the pace. TJs hole is up next and proves that he can take it like a man. We pinned a sign on TJs butt as he walked out the door that read - Closed for Repairs.

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