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Keep up the great work — you are bringing together a world of gay travellers and in so doing fostering some wonderful friendships. HATW recommends ONLY swapping your home with other members who, like you, have paid a nominal fee to list, as this is an important credential when thinking about your trust and security. Be in charge of your own time.

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He accused ABC of being dishonest, not allowing him contact with his wife, and making him miss his lessons at college. This often descends into personal insults and has degenerated into violence at least twice. Our members care for their homes and think of each other as part of a family.

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The ten celebrities whose families took part were: For their hundredth episode on March 13, , the U. Make new friends Friendships can arise naturally when you live as a local, not stay as a tourist. Our members care for their homes and think of each other as part of a family.

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