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The copycats are crowding in. I'm not sure why it matters whether or a woman's a natural redhead or not. Lindsay changed her hue after sporting platinum blonde tresses for the last few months Forget Blonde Ambition — these days, if you want to get attention you have to see red.

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I'm not sure why it matters whether or a woman's a natural redhead or not. I have a few gray hairs peeping out, but it's probably because my hair's more auburn than ginger or copper. A lot of natural redheads have fair skin, and we often freckle, though my freckles tend to be very light in color unlike those of my mother and cousins, who have lots of dark freckles. This isn't true just from person to person, but for the same person.


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Share this article Share Well I never. His novels are uniformly interesting, with well-drawn characters. And my body hair varies in color, too: A good portion of the people in my family are redheads, and the color of red hair varies a lot.

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A good portion of the people in my family are redheads, and the color of red hair varies a lot. It can change color after a shampoo, or if I use hair products, or after a couple hours in the sun. And my body hair varies in color, too: Because his father had abandoned his mother, he was forced to seek

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