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How To Forgive When You Can’t Forget

Getting over betrayal. The great betrayal

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We were able to go somewhere; go to the park and walk our dog, or we were able to have a picnic, we were able to just enjoy normal things that young people get to do instead of being trapped in a house. So as to be sensitive and not profile young Islamic men — the demographic group most likely to be terrorists — our policy is ending up dishonoring and humiliating American citizens, be they grammas or little girls, who in no way pose a threat. I was so angry I must have had flames shooting from my eyes. Of course Doris thought it was her loving husband calling.


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I immediately scrolled through her call log. In the end, many Americans might be left wondering how a pantheon of U. It was just supposed to be a little fun. On the other hand, if everywhere you go people are talking about the stranglehold that Talmudic Jewry has on this country while they take action such as opting out of the Chertoff death ray machines, then organization and REAL solutions will soon emerge.


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