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Why Men Cheat on Women They Love

How to cope with cheating. Coping with Infidelity and a Cheating Spouse

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And then the pressure mounts and the central structure is that three-way tug of war. First, it is important to take an honest approach to identifying the reasons why the infidelity occurred in the first place.

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Is there a pattern in the way that affairs begin? The idea is that once an affair is discovered, it will deliver a blow that will either kill your relationship or make it stronger. First, it is important to take an honest approach to identifying the reasons why the infidelity occurred in the first place. In identifying the reasons why infidelity occurred, making changes and establishing new norms may prove to be a solid path to resolution.

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While the list of reasons may be quite extensive, examples include a loss of sexual desire or interest, emotional abandonment, physical or emotional attraction to someone else, or retaliation for past hurts. Sarah Weinberg March 13, at Before I did this research, I really thought that affairs were fatal for relationships, but they're not. So they find themselves involved in the two relationships and it looks as though it could work.

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