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How to Overcome Heartbreak, Obsessive Love & Separation Anxiety: Why Can't I Let Go?

How to get over an addictive relationship. Addictive Relationships and How to Overcome Them

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Admit you are in pain, and that relationships tend to feel bad more often than good. Then, for each, think about and write down whatever you can remember of the earliest times you felt like that. Even more important than similarities in the physical and personality characteristics of people with whom you have had close relationships are the Relationship Characteristics, the repeated patterns of interaction in which you have been involved.

My #1 Relationship Mistake (and the 'rule' that changed everything for me)

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Somehow, I have let myself believe this charade. Do something different — make a change in your life!

Overcome Stress, Worry, Sadness or Relationship Problems Starting Today

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Enlist a strong support system. You, along with thousands of women around the world, are afraid that the man you are with might be the LAST man that could ever love you.

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It has many specific and even specialized uses, but overriding all else is that when you are terrified of being all alone in the universe, it can give you the comforting assurance that there are other caring people out there. Back away from compulsive, painful relationships and give yourself a chance to heal and learn how to identify real love. Are you healing from an addictive relationship? And this assurance, by making you feel reconnected to the web of life, can firm up your determination to make and sustain the break.

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