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IMVU Series G.L.O.R.Y [Season 2 - Episode 1]

Imvu stories. The Story of Haskell at IMVU

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Instead, I focused on specifics first, and then generalizations. We started with specific examples of how to do stuff with Haskell, then talked about type classes, and the final optional class was about how Haskell is compiled down to the machine. I sometimes wish I can help but that would require getting to know the person so they finally listen to me tell them to stop it's not real and you know this.

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Her thoughts wander some more but as has happened all too often all too easily, her daydreams are drawn into darker climes, from rosy childhood days into bleak prison camp nights: They will bring everyone else down to make themselves feel better. And, frankly, saddened and confused by how some people closed their minds. I told the truth about my age because I believe that was the requirement.

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In that instant Kiyoko understood with a sudden revelation as clear as a koan, that at least for this moment, the Hanayagi was exactly where she needed to be. Some people loved Haskell, some people hated it, but very few were in the middle. She was told to bring her bathing suit although they actually went skinny dipping instead.

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