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Sexual Orientation Scale (Kinsey Scale)

Klein sexual orientation grid. The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

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Which sex do you prefer to spend your leisure time with, and with which sex do you feel most comfortable? Although the importance of non-clinical sampling in studies of sexual orientation has been widely and justly asserted, it has rarely been demonstrated by direct comparisons of the type conducted in the present study. It is used to detect spam and changing its value may result in your submission being rejected Please provide feedback on our website.


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The questionnaire materials began with a description of the study, and then moved to a lengthy discussion of confidentiality issues. Male, aged 18—49 at entry, and having more than 9 years of education. But sometimes such a strategy is undertaken without serious comprehension of the consequences. Most participants completed the questionnaire before leaving; a few returned them by mail.

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Understanding bisexuality is the key to understanding sexual orientation. What is the sexual identity of the people with whom you socialise? The three columns indicate three different points at which sexual orientation is assessed:

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