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Every time that horribly familiar sensation burned through her body, her legs snapped shut and she buckled at the waist. The dialogue between the two ladies is very sexy! Audra sounded like a steam engine as she chuffed and gasped. When Saturday came, she felt confident she would succeed, and fearful of what the next step would involve.

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Audra waited anxiously for Mistress to see her perform. She had nothing left to resist, so she complied. She was now on Tuesday of the third week. She knew she only had 2 more days before she would be taken for her weekly appointment with Mistress, where she was expected to show how much she had progressed.

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This story contains non-consensual elements. She still had 6 to go. She wondered just how demented a person would have to be to realize those fantasies on a scale at which was apparently around her.

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The first two days were a complete disaster. Audra dutifully hopped into position and the matrons continued to make her ready. You may just have to work a little harder to get this one in line. The look of utter despair in their eyes as it happens is priceless.

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