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I can't imagine you as one. Dinner was served, wine flowed anew as if everyone was invited to a sleepover. Never had I thought that the uninhabited porch that I hoped was a safe haven would turn out to be my Sapphic Waterloo. For one, she was dressed in a sexy red calf-long body fit dress that outlined the shape of her model-like frame.


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She slowly but deliberately covered my entire 5 foot 7 frame with her own 5 foot 8 from head to knees. We slowly swayed around, her belly and thighs occasionally bumping with mine although not in an overt way. I'm not into women.

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Turning my head around it was Maude gracefully walking towards me, her long red dress tightly fitting into her hips as they swayed from side to side. I couldn't say anything more. Never had I thought that the uninhabited porch that I hoped was a safe haven would turn out to be my Sapphic Waterloo. Her now familiar perfume filled my nostrils.


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Soon there was more dancing and laughter. I couldn't say anything more.

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As me and Maude and the beautiful people laughed and danced the night away, more wine and caviar flowed as if the host and the hostess were quietly telling us to enjoy our last night on earth. Or so I thought until one night at a party when another woman made me discover something in me that I never knew existed.

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