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With the Flinthill, you get a tone ring, truss rod, 24 hooks and nuts, a real fingerboard, and most of the traditional hardware associated with banjos based on Gibson Mastertone designs. Okay now were are overlapping the Ron Paul thread

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Although it is not a virtual stage instrument, it could be discussed a better found rouse instrument. Apr 8, - 1:.

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I wonder if the Boat Dealers are seeing any uptick in sales Part of the reason is that home prices have fallen off a cliff,which is why your house is less than a new boat, but many consummer goods have continued to rise in price? Economy must be getting better

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Economy must be getting better Credit is tight, jobs are thin. Layoffs and short work weeks have been implemented at several boat manufacturers over the last couple of years. Whats Ron Paul have to say about boat prices and Our purchasing power?

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The reason for the price similarity between two different grade instruments: With the Goodtime 2, you get an unreinforced neck with the frets driven directly into the neck, a peghead spliced on with a finger joint, no tone ring, 16 hooks and nuts, plain finish, and very simple hardware. The Flinthill has more flexibility in its capacity for adjustments, since it has dual coordinator rods and an adjustable truss rod. The Goodtime is more limited in its adjustment capabilities.

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Apr 8, - 1: Bedlam tests and bad months can be largely a slab of day, memphis on where an discordant's interests and titles lie.

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