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Evan liked how heavy they looked against her insanely petite frame. She stood at the side of the bed, eyes wide and unblinking as she watched him pound Natalia, drawing out long, wild screams of pleasure from her wide open mouth. Well, at least until she resumed her that bratty tone. Then out of nowhere, she grabbed his shirt and kissed him, her tongue darting between his lips for the hottest two seconds before she pulled away and stumbled back, staring at him with sheer confusion.

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He had other programs of darkness — particularly figuring out what the mff fuck he was going to do if Bread did tell Bryce. Immediately she got him there, she read her coins in a way that recognized her missing together delectably.

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He grinned when he saw her close her eyes for a second, her grip on the door tightening as he fingered her harder and harder, her sopping wetness practically echoing into the hall. Ignoring Summer in his peripheral vision, Evan grinned.

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