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2-4 Neurobiology of Love and Attachment-Calvin Thomsen, PhD

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Some emotions are very specific, insofar as they concern a particular person, object, or situation. One kinship cue is facial resemblance. Weak reputational cues such as eyespots may become unimportant if there are stronger cues present and may lose their effect with continued exposure unless reinforced with real reputational effects. Children raised under similar conditions, as in orphanages, display the similar impaired behaviors Spitz,

The variety and complexity of emotions

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Attachment and Trauma: The neurobiology of healing

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In a safe therapeutic relationship, with interventions that specifically target emotional, psychological and physical signals that contribute to suffering, clients can process painful states including child or regressive states , and then focus their attention on novel actions that change these states and speak directly to the unconscious implicit self in ways that words rarely do. Indeed, to the extent that molecular disruptions related to PTSD can be identified, it will be possible to use novel drug repositioning approaches to identify novel treatments for PTSD.

For a greater understanding of the encultured brain and body…

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It is unclear if costly signaling can indicate a long-term cooperative personality but people have increased trust for those who help. His international best seller, Waking the Tiger: According to a widely shared perspective, experiencing and expressing a given emotion are two different and independent processes.

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