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The next thing I knew four hours had passed and it was well past my normal bedtime. The selection of new and used books was huge, and an attached pottery shop at one end sold locally made wares. In downtown Charleston, the old mingles with the new; hip coffee shops and bistros sit next to old-timey pharmacies and department stores. A coal barge floated down the glistening river, the water rippling in its wake.


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I had an expertly made latte, ate a late lunch at a bistro and watched families pick out pumpkins to carve. I think he already knew the answer by the grin on my face. In downtown Charleston, the old mingles with the new; hip coffee shops and bistros sit next to old-timey pharmacies and department stores. Others sat on the riverbank enjoying the sun.


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But Charleston was full of people, I reasoned, and the odds were good that I would meet a few of them. I was cruising solo, and a little worried being by myself would make for a lonely trip. Music, art and lots of local food and beer. There were five acts in total:

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In phase Charleston, the old thousands with the new; hip comedy shops and subscribers sit next to old-timey runs and white masters. Was I mutually in West Virginia?.

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