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Good figure but not slim. We've all been there — you wine and dine your partner just to be given the cold shoulder when you started making your advances. Studio appointments in Cambridge advertises in local paper.

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Nice tight pussy though and she seems to enjoy her work, making all the right noises" - "Anyway, not a bad service with a pleasant Chinese girl who seems to enjoy what she does". At least this way you spare yourself the nerve-wracking games of the dating scene. Anna - Evidently, of Eastern European origin which may be of concern to some members.

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Actually she was less than 5' tall with a rather hardened unsmiling face, over-wide hips and nearer to mid 30's I'd say. Reviews - Forum-X x7.

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Good figure but not slim. A few recent complaints over double booking clients. Believe it or not, your local area is full with singles that, at this very moment, are on their computers, searching for ways to have fun without any of the complications involved, just like yourself. On the other hand it was quite a test of nerve.

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