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Call your cell-phone provider if you get harassing texts. Read-receipt confirmation—instantly see when someone has read your text message Group addressing—communicate with groups faster and easier Login securely from any device—your iPod touch, iPad and iPhone are all synched with message history and contact information Communicate with friends and family in over countries—for those outside Canada and the U. All I can say is that we love it. But, they have to dial the number in the text box to hear it.

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It converts voice messages, from any phone, to any screen: Now that it has been updated beyond use I give it 3 stars to give it credit for when it worked. When I travel to events, meetings, briefings, etc. Pinger simplifies network complexity with an intuitive, picture-based interface that brings together different types of communication in one place, from any device.

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So, once you understand how the process works, you may or may not find Pinger ideal for one-to-one text messaging. Also, your Pinger profile is the main hub for managing your contacts. An Android version of Pinger will be available in Canada later this month. Since that experience many years ago, I use it everyday.

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The number was free to anyone and fast. I am not condoning or promoting spam blasts here, nor should you. Please note, I prefer direct communications and relationships with important contacts. I believe this capability is enabled through SpinVox.

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What do you do? Because most cell phones are not listed in public directory information, it may be necessary to pay a small fee to a specialized search company to conduct the search using special databases, but select which search company you use carefully to avoid being ripped off.

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Chatter lets you know text passwords using your pinger texts, to anyone in your machine release. By that I standstill the compelling companies that show game and containing portuguese.

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