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Aries & Pisces: Love Compatibility

Pisces and aries sex. Aries & Pisces: Like trying to caress a Swan with a Jackhammer

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If Aries follows his instincts and approaches sex like a competition or conquest, he will find her as slippery and elusive as a fish. When the Pisces wants they can be extremely seductive; this coupled with their great social charm is magnetically attractive to the Aries. Their sexual needs, in fact, could not be more different. They use sex to express sadness, happiness, frustration, anxiety and just about any emotional state you can think of — expect lots of sauciness in lots of places.

Different Styles

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Aries is ruled by their head — quick to make decisions and fire up — whereas the Pisces brain spends too much time in La La land communing with unicorns and sprinkling fairy dust on the universe. This can be quite disheartening for the Pisces, as their emotions are quite complicated and difficult to understand without a lot of time and effort.

More compatibility for Aries:

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Very compatible provided you are able to get of your high horse occasionally. Pisces people appear very gentle on the surface, but inside they often repress angry feelings to such an extent that they become a volcano ready to explode. The Good In Pisces, Aries will find a loving partner who accepts them no matter what and with little judgment. If Aries can remember to bring flowers and candy like the protagonists in the movies, Pisces, who is obsessed with the ideal romance, will never get enough of receiving Aries in the boudoir.


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Sex is not easy between them; they have to work at improving their erotic and intimate relationship. With your need to be care-free, the Pisces will probably make you feel a little too tied down with their moodiness and intense need to tame you. Aries and Pisces Relationship As lovers: His libido is impulsive, explosive, and very powerful.

Change Can Happen

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