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Fish the wind and try to pick a spot with the wind in your face. Everything North of Warrior Point remains closed. Stripping streamers with a fast-sinking line or tossing spoons or Jigs in deeper water is usually the way to go in the fall.

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It can become really important to be aware of the situation and if fish are in really tight to the drop-offs back up 5 to 10 feet. Maholo Midges fished under an indicator have been the most effective as always in the spring.

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As winter rolls on and storm systems continue to roll through, the fishing follows suit. It is going to be tight and crowded for the next month so if you come to the lake accept the crowds and the lack of access right now. If you are at the lake on a calm sunny day then try to be there for either first light or last light. The pattern is right in line with what happened last fall.

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