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As noted above , using a large amount of tilt and a small f-number gives a small angular DoF. When the PoF coincides with an essentially flat subject, the entire subject is in focus; for a subject that is not flat, obtaining foreground and background sharpness relies on the depth of field, though the sharpness can often be obtained with a smaller f-number than would be needed without the use of tilt. In a nut shell, I have made my self successful, I have got myself in shape, I have become good at hobbies I am passionate about and I have done it all for me. I am also very picky with women and as a result constantly have enough girls that I find attractive in my stable that I never have to dote on any one of them.

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Applying movements on a small- or medium-format camera usually requires a tilt—shift lens or perspective control lens. When the lens plane is tilted relative to the image plane, the plane of focus PoF is at an angle to the image plane, and objects at different distances from the camera can all be sharply focused if they lie in the same plane.

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When it is desired to have an entire scene sharp, as in landscape photography, the best results are often achieved with a relatively small amount of tilt. As for everything else you say, spot on. I basically work on a week time line with girls.

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