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I was going to go to the cake shop, but one of those celebration cakes will do, what do you think? She was in the second year of her degree and wanted to get herself a nice job with a law firm and with hope, get into chambers. As much as she got on with her Mum and Don, she needed do the whole student thing and anyway, they needed their space.

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Her appearance was finished with dark grey pantyhose and black, standard issue shoes. No, this has gone way too far! Ooh actually, I want to get Mum a gateaux.

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Her body still covered with a little perspiration, initially from her soccer training and then her hot shower. She had opted to share a house with her fellow students though, rather than live at home.

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We want to see your panties. She looked very damp already, her fine pubic hairs flat, covered in her own moisture. She contemplated the worst case scenario.


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Her pussy was steaming hot and her juices just began to flow. A relief she would receive later, as she recalled the events. Being hot and clammy after her shower, her panties had been half swallowed by her pussy crack and a slither of pink and few light hairs were protruding. In doing so, his will power was fading, in as much as his attempts to stifle his arousal were failing.

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