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If you have a long day ahead or a lot of travelling to do, the Fishtail is your best bet because the messier it gets, the more pretty it looks. The bathroom is also appallingly dirty. They graciously sat us down anyway instead of making us wait, which was really considerate of them!

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Took over two hours for food and was hung up on twice by workers at the restaurant. For those who are not eating a keto-style diet, the food is likely way too oily for good health.

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Biggest mistake was to order without checking the online reviews. They were out of naan and it took them 30 minutes to refill it.

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Biggest mistake was to order without checking the online reviews. It instead skewers the follies of a subset of Punjabi peoples, that is, its land-owning gentry that is well, infamous for the things that the films takes them to task for: Took over two hours for food and was hung up on twice by workers at the restaurant. Bihari Chicken Kadai I ordered chicken sagwala on under eats.

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The Khagga Palace is decked to the nines, mujras are the order of the day and Fawad gets a gaudy, gold crown by the end of it all. You have a great hairstyle in practically no time. My friend looked like a waiter going back and forth with cards and receipts.

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