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Video about rebuilding trust in marriage after lying:

8 Ways to Rebuild Trust with Your Wife

Rebuilding trust in marriage after lying. MindBodyGreen

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Discovering truth and learning to trust again is a huge challenge. What has worked in your marriage to restore balance and healthy connection?

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It had nothing to do with him not loving her anymore and everything to do with feeling they were close enough that he didn't need to spend every minute with her to prove it. If one partner feels happy with the other, it can spark the good relationship back again and is an integral step when understanding how to build trust back in a relationship. Trust is broken, faithfulness is shattered, and emotional pain is a constant reminder of what has happened.

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The level of guilt is staggering enough to kill a herd of horses, but it generally does not stop the offender. These misunderstandings start early in the marriage. Once trust has been lost, what can we do to get it backā€”if anything? Be willing to wait as long as it takes for your partner to trust you again.

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