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How We Have Sex...(safely.)

Safe sex for lesbians. 13 Tips For Women Having Safe Sex With Other Women

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Same thing if you often have little cuts on your hands from your work or hobbies. Some friends tell me their YIs go away on their own. Symptoms include a frothy discharge, discomfort when passing urine, vulval soreness, and sometimes an unpleasant vaginal odour.

STIs: Getting Them & Getting Rid of Them

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Also, avoid oral sex when your partner is menstruating. And, most importantly, where was this information when I was learning how to put a condom on a banana in 9th grade Health class?

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I have this horrible image of those loose fitting rubber gloves from the pharmacy in my mind: Symptoms include painful blisters and ulcers around the genital area, although some women may have no symptoms. Personally, I found my chronic yeast infections cleared up when I gave up men and the pill, except for this one time my lady-lover and I gave each other yeast infections which is sort of a long story.

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