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Are Sagittarius & Pisces Compatible?

Sagittarius and pisces couples. Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

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Relatives and siblings abound. The Chinese zodiac follows the lunisolar Chinese calendar [40] and thus the "changeover" days in a month when one sign changes to another sign vary each year.

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The season for Metal is Autumn. Relationship Challenges Although both the Pisces woman and Sagittarius man have a wonderful relationship, there are challenges that may come into play. The earth person is serious, logical and methodical, intelligent, objective and good at planning. The season for Earth is the changeover point of the four seasons.

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The Rat also corresponds to a particular month in the year. The hours of the Rat are 11pm — 1am. So, he needs to position himself forward and prove to his woman that he is also interested in other things rather than just sexual desires. Sagittarius is more of a thinker and philosophizer, easily drifting around from one pursuit to the next.

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However, he is very blunt, while she possesses a very subtle feeling. Moreover, he is an extrovert, while she is an introvert in nature.

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The Gemini man may prefer more sophisticated pursuits such as casinos, upscale shopping and fine dining, while the Sagittarius woman may prefer cultural pursuits such as opera or forays into nature such as hiking or horse-back riding. Rabbit Years include , , , , , , , , , , , They have a lot in common. Each one of them will spend more and more time away, or apart.

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