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Check out the world famous Seduction University. We can also tend to assume that we want sex more than women.

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Upon their entry into the Community, individuals are identified as novices. To participate in the Community you have to create a personal account. The notion of gender parody […] does not assume that there is an original which such parodic identities imitate.

Seducing Women – Why So Scary?

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Rather than valuing technical competencies, French model supporters praise the art of improvisation. Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. Although devoted entirely to the seduction of women, the Seduction Community is more structured around homosocial relationships between men. This bullshit theory causes more problems than it solves.

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If you are serious about learning more about seducing women without acting like an asshole. Essays on the History of American and British Masculinities Connell in relation to hegemonic masculinity in order to indicate its opposite. You are not bad yourself GUY:

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This occurs through the acquisition of skills which are perceived by the Community as specifically masculine. To participate in the Community you have to create a personal account. If you are serious about learning more about seducing women without acting like an asshole.

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