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Serial Monogamy - A Narcissist Red Flag?

Serial monogamist. 5 Signs You’re a Serial Monogamist

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Do you notice a pattern when it comes to the people you date? But for your own good, you really need to learn to be more selective in the dating process.

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At first, things are probably wonderful for the serial monogamist. Sometimes, when serial monogamists start to feel things fizzle with their current partner, they will keep their options open. You begin to feel trapped and almost claustrophobic with someone.

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What should you do if you jump to different relationships, often only lasting a few years? At first, things are probably wonderful for the serial monogamist. A serial monogamist is a person who loves being in love, and always finds himself or herself in a relationship all the time! You are going to grow and learn to love yourself.

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