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Singlehood. Singlehood: An Alternative to Marriage

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In short, be purposeful. Developing an awareness of this need to give, and not having the fullest opportunity to express it. Man's aloneness will keep him from fulfilling his potential. Voluntarily single young adults will report a higher level of positive mental health i.

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On a general level, the feeling of being connected with other people can lower morbidity and mortality, and the quality of relationships is a predictor of physical and psychological outcomes in the domain of health Gore And as such, it must be embraced as so. As a result, chosen singlehood might be accompanied by greater positive mental health and lower levels of mental health problems and romantic loneliness.

In preparation for meeting your soul mate, now is the time to develop the burning desire to give.

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We graduate from one desire to the next. The studies cited in previous sections provide strong evidence for the linkage between loneliness and mental health outcomes. No human relationship defines us. Stop worrying so much about the other person.

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