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Phrased another way, do women have it a lot easier than men, and do hot people in general have it the easiest? Answers is women are irrational, just like you. Can you understand that! I never screamed once, just wanted to figure out exactly how backward you are, and you did well in answering that.

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You are certainly a very childish person indeed. Thank you for pointing out your irational and childish nature. I am not doing this for attention, or as part of some fad or fashion.

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They get one , then cheat on them for a guy that slaps them around. Transmasculine is often used as a catch-all term for all people assigned female at birth who identify as masculine of center, including trans men, but the adoption of the term as an identity is a matter of personal preference. Transmasculine people do not necessarily have to be stereotypically masculine in their interests or even presentation. To be just as brash and outspoken as men.

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In my current situation I am too busy for what most women would find acceptable. I think its these articles that imply women are only good till 24 or something, that triggers reactions. I know what you might be thinking: Just as freshly-online businesses, expecting to amass untold fortunes in a new, global market, found themselves in competition with internet businesses that they would never have otherwise had to compete with, so too did online daters face the prospect of having to stand out as special and attractive amongst a much larger pool of singletons than they were used to.

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Jasen Portland, OR Homoflexible Gender Nonconforming Genderqueer Trans Man Transmasculine Transsexual A term referring to a person who does not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth and wishes, whether successful or not, to realign their gender and their sex through use of medical intervention. I identify as a woman politically due to certain lived experiences and the way I experience gender under patriarchy.

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