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Benz is also an activist and has protested for gender equality with Alexis Texas by exposing their breasts in Times Square. In fact, Bentley is a very active member of PETA and has been known to protest many for many animal rights movement, including the decision to send monkeys into space. She's got an amazing video presence, a gorgeous booty, and an absolutely beautiful face that looks even better when she's getting it on. Compassionate, sexy, and beautiful, Bentley is everything you can ask for in a woman.

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Snapchat seems to be built originally for those less calculated — the photos and videos disappear after all — and more comfortable with bringing their entire selves to the internet. After catching wind of the clip's contents fans were quick to comment on it, labelling it inappropriate. Hands down pants moment Image: Apparently, they both have bisexual tendencies.

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From her intoxicating lingerie shoots to her seductive leather bondage outfits, Skin Diamond knows how to attract a crowd. Oh Lord, we can't imagine it was a very good day for the sisters.

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