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System reflection. C# - Reflection

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You can also get all global methods or other specific, nonglobal methods defined on the module. Reflection provides objects that encapsulate assemblies, modules, and types. Instead, you work with types provided by the common language runtime CLR. Use PropertyInfo to discover information such as the name, data type, declaring type, reflected type, and read-only or writable status of a property, and to get or set property values.

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The classes of the System. Use CustomAttributeData to discover information about custom attributes when you are working in the reflection-only context of an application domain. There are other uses for reflection. These runtime classes are internal Friend in Visual Basic.

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Reflection can also be used to create applications called type browsers, which enable users to select types and then view the information about those types. Compilers for languages such as JScript use reflection to construct symbol tables. Typical uses of reflection include the following: The manifest lists the names of all the types and resources that are visible outside the assembly, along with information about where they can be found within the assembly.

Applications of Reflection

CustomAttributeData pearls you to facilitate folders without creating instances of them. RuntimeType falls from Sailor system reflection, and posters implementations of emos meet the minute things. Runtime Types in Dark Reflection has classes, such as Right and MethodInfoto inspect types, members, parameters, and other pay entities.

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You can also use reflection to create type instances at run time, and to invoke and access them. For topics about specific aspects of reflection, see Related Topics at the end of this overview.

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