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The Secret ~ Poem by John Clare

Top love poems of all time. Top 10 Famous, Romantic Love Poems

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From timeless English sonnets to modern American classics, here is a list of the 10 classic love poems. The repetitive nature of the poem gives it an almost incantatory quality. Today we are obliged to be romantic And think of yet another valentine.

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From timeless English sonnets to modern American classics, here is a list of the 10 classic love poems. In her dream, the lover was a poem, which she wants to show to everyone. Cummings - Perhaps the only Harvard poet to make his way into the lyrics of indie-rock band Bloc Party, the moving lyricism of E. Sometimes I feel it is my fate To chase you screaming up a tower or make you cower By asking you to differentiate Nietzsche from Schopenhauer.

She Walks in Beauty | Lord Byron

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Although saddened by his unrequited love, the poet is not bitter, and states how his love will never fade: Nevertheless, the poem is a timeless classic, with Byron painting a poignant picture of this captivating woman. And saying that has made me feel romantic, My dearest love, my darling valentine.

8. ‘Bright Star’ by John Keats

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