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This figure, also from the tombs of Beni Hassan, is very similar to that reproduced from Erman but is different in details. But she is also proud of her work as an ambassador inside and outside Google, a role that is encouraged and acknowledged by her manager. Inner-earth representatives appear on the world stage.

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Among them is that of officiating as torch-bearers at a supper party; and seated in a row, on a raised bench, they hold the lights until the departure of the guests, and patiently await their own repast as a reward for their services. He ticks through a list:

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With reference to this figure Erman notes that fig trees have gnarled trunks, that they rarely attain more than sixteen feet in height, and that they have limbs too weak to sustain the weight of the gardeners. What we see today in these traditional institutions of hospitality are scenes of hunger, starvation and deprivation. The company recently offered Fortune an inside look at its efforts—including interviews with employees in different parts of the company, both techies and non-techies, and at various levels of seniority.

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When his kingdom was struck by a devastating famine, he wanted to share the suffering of his subjects and so fasted for 48 days until all his people were fed. These agile animals are trained to climb the coconut trees and detach the fruit.

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